Thursday, September 13, 2012

Save the bugs from Greedy Spiders on your Google TV

Guest to the Google TV blog, Guadalupe CalabrĂ³, Director of PR & Content Manager, Blyts shares how you can enjoy more game time with Greedy Spiders 2 for Google TV

Do you hate spiders as much as we do? Then check out Greedy Spiders 2 for Google TV as you take turns battling it out against these creepy crawlies. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is simple: free all the bugs on the spider web before they get eaten.

More features = better game time

Greedy Spiders 2 is a turn by turn puzzle game that brings you 144 new levels (previously only 75) with high quality graphics, new music selections and sound effects, and 4 new weapons at your disposal so that you’re always on the edge of your seat planning your next move. If this isn’t enough, every time you play and win a level, you’ll rack up achievements giving you more hints and tips to help you advance in the game.

Go farther to test your mental endurance with easy or hard difficulty modes. But don’t get too confident - you may find yourself casually killing your foe at one moment and at the next scrambling to save your bug friends. Take, for example, the new intelligent spiders like Midas or Smarty that make it even harder to maneuver the spider web and avoid these 8 legged freaks. Rule of thumb? Never underestimate these creepy spiders.

Heighten your anxiety with group play

If you thought the anxiety levels were high in solo play, get ready to partner up with your friends in epic group mode. Bring your friends and family into the mix as you battle your way through intense levels and fight off crazy spiders that are trying to stop you.

Group play forces you to strategize and bring your experience, and your anxiety, to the next level. But watch out, the person next to you may want to get their hands on that remote sooner than you are ready to give it up!

So grab some tasty munchies, take a load off and enjoy a couple of hours of intense group entertainment with your friends and family. Thought you were afraid of the spiders in your home? Think again with Greedy Spiders 2 on your Google TV.

Download Greedy Spiders 2 from Google Play.

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Posted by Guadalupe CalabrĂ³, Director of PR & Content Manager, Blyts

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kick off college football season with your Google TV

Put on your favorite jersey and invite your pals over because college football is back, and Google TV has everything you need to make the most out of this season. Here’s how:

1. Set up real time game alerts
Install Are You Watching This?! and select your favorite college football teams to receive game time notifications directly to your Google TV.  Aggregate all of your teams into a comprehensive month-to-month calendar allowing you to see when and where your team is playing. The app will also let you know what games to tune into according to what is “GOOD”, “HOT” or “EPIC” with its own rating system.

2. Create your own library of content
If you’re looking for full games past and present, check out the XOS College Sports app for Google TV. Browse the gallery by recent or most popular to find the top college football content and make browsing easier by searching according to team, sport, or year. Curious about where your favorite college players go after their alma maters? Purchase the “NFL Draft Preview” to see where the experts believe your favorite players will play professional ball.

3. See game day buzz on YouTube
Footage of media days, head coach interviews, and pre-season training camp are all on YouTube:

  • Pac-12 Conference channel has interviews with some of this year's brightest athletes including Heisman hopeful Matt Barkley (USC - QB).  Also, keep your eye out for personal web chats hosted by Pac 12 Networks and join the conversation!
  • Big 10 Networks has fall tour interviews with their talented athletes to get you juiced for game day.
  • The Big 12 Conference has extended coverage of media days and in-depth interviews with some of their head coaches.
  • ESPN College GameDay features FanPredictions, GameDay interviews with head coaches, players and fans.  It also spotlights team traditions across conferences. If you want to learn more about LSU coach, Les Miles, and his habit of eating grass, or why push ups are so powerful for Oregon Duck fans, this is where you will find your answers.
  • The Bleacher Report offers a comprehensive look at all your favorite teams and topics throughout the season. Get access to the latest news stories so you never miss a beat.

So, no matter what your team of choice, tune into all of the college football content with Google TV.

Download Are You Watching This?! and XOS College Sports directly from Google Play.

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Posted by Catherine Liang, Google TV Product Marketing Manager