Friday, August 31, 2012

Hisense, Samsung, and Sony bringing more Google TV choices to the world

At CES 2012, Google TV partners announced new products for consumers around the world. At IFA 2012, the growth of the Google TV ecosystem continues to gather momentum. As a quarter of a million people descend on Berlin to see the latest technology coming to Europe and to the world, several Google TV partners will be on hand to launch products:

Hisense joins the Google TV family: Hisense will be giving the first view of the Hisense Pulse with Google TV, launching in the US later this year.

Samsung will be previewing its first Google TV device: Later this year, Samsung will introduce a Samsung Smart TV with Google TV, expanding the premium content and services available through Samsung Apps.

Sony will showcase its Internet Player NSZ-GS7: The device will soon be hitting shelves in Germany, France, and the Netherlands following its launch in the UK earlier this summer.  

And we’re just getting started, with new products, features, updates, apps and partners coming all the time.

Posted by Suveer Kothari, Google TV head of global distribution

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crackle brings free Hollywood movies to your Google TV

Guest to the Google TV blog, Samuel Notowitz, Director of Partner Marketing at Crackle, shares some great Hollywood movie ideas to watch on Crackle.

Imagine hundreds of Hollywood movies and TV shows available for free and on-demand. Sound interesting? Then, check out Crackle on your Google TV.

The Crackle web app features the best full-length Hollywood movies in the most popular genres that you crave: Action, Comedy, and Drama. You’ll find plenty of pretty girls taking out zombies, guys chasing ghosts, and tons of people kicking butt and blowing stuff up. Or, if you’d rather have a few laughs, we’ve got you covered there, too.

You’ll always find something different as we bring fresh movies and TV episodes every month. Among the few hundred titles we’ve selected this month, the most popular is PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. We also have Brad Pitt, Jason Statham and Benicio Del Toro starring in SNATCH – an edgy and hilarious flick about a diamond heist gone horribly wrong. Or, if you like TV shows like SEINFELD, you’re in luck as we serve up ten different episodes every month.

If anime is more your speed, Crackle is the official US home to Animax, the largest anime network in the world with 60 anime titles and more than 1,000 episodes – straight from Japan. You’ll find titles like BLOOD+ and BLUE EXORCIST among others.

Another way to browse Crackle content is to open the TV & Movies app and select the “Free” filter in the top left corner. So grab some popcorn, sit on the couch and fire up Crackle on your Google TV. It’s show time.

If you’re in the US, you can find Crackle in the Spotlight section of Google TV.

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Guest post created by Samuel Notowitz, Director of Partner Marketing, Crackle

Thursday, August 16, 2012

SnagFilms brings you hundreds of indie movies, on demand, for free on Google TV

Guest to the Google TV blog, Gary Hahn, EVP of Marketing at SnagFilms, shares why their app is a great place to check out indie films.

What do you associate with “indie” movies? Unique? Free-spirited? Artsy? The word itself can mean different things to different people. Yet no matter what your association, Snagfilms is here to bring the independent films you want to watch straight to your living room through our new Google TV app (available only in the US).
Visit Snagfilms for Google TV and let us do what we do best - find you outstanding movies and compelling stories told by truly independent filmmakers. The vast library contains thousands of award-winners, festival favorites, and cult classics, most of which are difficult to find outside of festivals and art-house cinemas. Snagfilms is intuitive and easy to navigate as you browse our archives by genre or subject to find exactly what you love.
For example, check out A Fighting Chance, the incredible story of congenital amputee and athlete Kyle Maynard, who faces his greatest challenge in Mixed Martial Arts. Or Gamers, as you get to know the inside story of MMO Video games from players, critics, super fans and game designers. Krisis captures the Greek economic crisis from the perspective of 14 photojournalists and videographers. And in Biggie & Tupac, filmmaker Nick Broomfield takes an in-depth look at the death of two music icons.
So, regardless of what you like, Snagfilms will have something for you. Let the app take you beyond Hollywood blockbusters into a world of entertaining, passionate, and truly independent film.
If you’re in the US, you can find Snagfilms in the Spotlight section of Google TV.

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Posted by Gary Hahn, EVP of Marketing at SnagFilms