Thursday, November 22, 2012

This Thanksgiving, entertain your family with Google TV

To help avoid the last minute panic of what to prepare for the relatives and family friends this Thanksgiving, put Google TV to work for you.

Bring on the turkey with all the fixin’s
To help you sift through the millions of recipe suggestions, access The New York Times YouTube playlist to get tips on How To Carve a Turkey amongst other delicious treats.

Turn to the experts in the kitchen
Want Iron Chef Bobby Flay or Michael Symon on your side? Then visit the The Food Network using the Chrome browser to access the latest clips on some of the most simple and delectable dishes that will surely impress your family. Try Prosciutto-Wrapped Crudites or Brie En Croute - the names themselves make your mouth water.

If you’re not sure what to do with all the leftovers in the fridge, check out Emeril Lagasse’s Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas for some unique concoctions only the pros would think of.

With the new YouTube app update, you can play videos you find on your Android smartphone or tablet on your Google TV. Put together your own Thanksgiving 2012 playlist featuring recipes like Pear-Cranberry Pie and Roasted Sweet Potatoes (our favorite).

Kickstart your shopping a bit early
As you recover from the food coma, why not let your Google TV help you get a jump start on holiday shopping with the whole family? Using Chrome, look for all the latest deals online by searching for “Black Friday 2012” to see a list of stores and shops that you can buy from without having to rush to the store like everyone else.  

If you’re more visual, tune into ABC’s Thanksgiving Shopping Deals Before Black Friday to get an idea of what’s hot and worth waiting in line for —including how to plan your route in stores if you plan on braving the crowds.

So sit back, relax and put Google TV to work for you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Posted by Gavin Leung, Product Marketing Manager, Google TV