Friday, November 30, 2012

Enjoy the latest European films, TV shows, and music with Eurochannel on Google TV

Guest to the Google TV blog, Joseph de Monvallier, Director, Marketing & Advertising for Eurochannel shares his insights on European entertainment available on Eurochannel
Are you a fan of European films, documentaries, music and more? Then check out Eurochannel for Google TV. With over 11 million viewers, Eurochannel offers an extensive collection of content with more than 150 programs available covering the latest entertainment and cultural trends straight from the source including A-list European stars, multiple award-winning actors, directors, and music artists like Italian Isabella Ferrari and sensational British boy band, One Direction.

Exclusive European programming at your disposal
At Eurochannel, we try to preserve content in its original language but we also include subtitles in English for foreign and non-native speakers to enjoy. If you’re new to European films, we’ve got you covered with a list of suggestions for how to get started. We have genres that range from psychological suspense movies from Northern Europe like Deadly Cell to Polish comedies The Wedding and French dramas like Noble Art to tantalize your senses and keep you at the edge of your seat.

Staff picks to get you started
When it comes to TV shows, Eurochannel has a selection of handpicked series available, including social and family dramas like Welsh Home/Work or the Estonian The Class.  
But if you are into something more action-packed like Homeland or Dexter, then check out Icelandic The Cliff, the Dutch Medea, or the Danish Lulu & Leon to get your heart palpitating.

Enjoy European Content 24/7
If that wasn’t enough, Eurochannel also offers a live 24/7 TV stream of its channel so you can tune into the latest monthly series and movie premieres.
For a limited time after you download Eurochannel, you’ll be entered into Eurochannel’s sweepstakes to win a brand new Nexus 7 tablet and receive an exclusive collection of digitally mastered pictures from Europe: the Eurochannel Deluxe Pictures Platinum Edition which will be sent to the email address associated with your Eurochannel account.
So enjoy the best European programming available with Eurochannel for your Google TV, and download Eurochannel from Google Play.
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Posted by Joseph de Monvallier, Director, Marketing & Advertising for Eurochannel